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Manage your legal cases on a totally new level

Keep cases on track with centralized storage, calendaring, streamlined processes, and status reports. Jusnote legal case management software keeps all processes in sync from anywhere.


Manage your legal cases, collect data, control financial situation

Jusnote allows lawyers to keep cases on track with centralized storage, tasks management, calendaring, invoicing, streamlined processes, and various in-depth reports. The system keeps your team in sync from anywhere.

Manage access to cases

Create individual groups for a particular case, define roles and permissions, manage levels of access of a user or a group

Build relations schemes

Jusnote allows you to create relations between your contacts and matters to predict possible conflicts of interest

Collect tons of information

Collect information, documents, tasks, notes, messages, contacts, correspondence, and much more in one centralized place

Manage finances

Define billing preferences of a particular legal case, track and manage finances, swiftly create invoices, and register payments


Get an overview of all collected information from a single dashboard

Link every contact, document, calendar event, note, time entry, and invoice to the appropriate case to make your law practice management tasks flow as smoothly as possible

Financial dashboard

Collect information related to your realization, utilization, prepayment, debt, or case budget in one place

Structured data

The system collects and makes accessible tons of information related to a case in a few clicks

Related contacts

Build connections between cases and contacts to predict possible conflicts of interest

Comment on matters

In Jusnote you’re not working in a vacuum, i.e. you can chat with your team and leave comments on cases


We make it easier to collaborate on cases and streamline the day to day tasks


Tracking activities

Track billable time with tools like Timekeeper and then add this time to invoices to your clients. Know where each your minute goes.

Uploading cloud documents

Upload documents from the cloud and fully work with them in the system, but store them in sources you trust or prefer.

Building contact relations

Build connections between your contacts and matters, and predict possible conflict of interests to adapt your actions.

Working with correspondence

Create and track correspondence in the system, access the mailing history, get real-time notifications and work with mail in one place.

Managing accounts

Jusnote replaces the need of having professional financial software by giving tools like accounts and invoices management.

Professional calendaring

Created for lawyers, Jusnote’s calendaring software keeps you connected to your legal cases, clients, and work.

Messaging module

Communicate with your team swiftly with the built-in messaging module. Write comments to cards, tag colleagues, and share files.

Court tracking

Track updates on your court cases, get real-time notifications, receive procedural documents and be aware of all events on your case.