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Used by thousands of lawyers and leading law companies, Jusnote is the fastest-growing legal practice management software in Europe. It helps lawyers run their legal practice, manage their finances, analyze team performance and achieve more.

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Jusnote is a cloud-based legal practice management solution that helps lawyers manage all litigation processes and analyze team performance. Lawyers and partners of law firms can create invoices, bill time and court plans, monitor conflicts of interest, and generate reports on clients and practices.

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Matter and client organization

Jusnote allows you to organize all your matters or clients and link tasks, events, notes, financial records, relations, documents, and analytics to them. Jusnote helps you to have a clear understanding of how the work is going and structure tons of information. The clear visual dashboard on each matter and the client will help you to focus on your work, not on searching for the information.

All your money in one place

We bring together all of your accounts, bills, and more, so you can conveniently manage your law company's finances from one dashboard. Create budgets on matters easily with notifications when the budget exceeds the plan, see all of your bills and money at a glance, and never miss to create invoices for clients.

Make decisions with confidence with our reports

Jusnote allows you to make the right decisions on managing the law company with our reports. The reports contain summary information about the activities of the company, individual users, practices, clients, financial information, and various other indicators. Track your firm’s utilization, realization, and collection rates.

Create and manage your tasks with confidence. Use Jusnote’s task management software to organize to-do lists, see task progress, and manage your team’s workload. With Jusnote, your team of lawyers can stay focused on their goals, matters, and tasks—no matter when or where they work.

Jusnote mobile application for IOS and Android. Get work done outside your office with our mobile apps. Access your matters, documents, contacts, notes, calendar events, bill time, use timekeeper, and even record voice notes just a few swipes. Your productivity will reach a whole new level!

Get paid faster and create invoices in seconds. Schedule payments for clients, mark bills as paid, modify account balances automatically and create bills in different currencies. Synchronize transactions to third party accounting systems and bank accounts. Jusnote will help you to structure all of your processes and manage the firm's finances.

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Manage your contacts and clients

Organize the work with your firm’s clients and contacts. See their connected matters, documents, transactions, invoices, notes, and even the relations to other clients of the firm to find out if there are any conflicts of interest. Keep information organized to ensure no followup or detail is missed.

Find information in seconds

The Artificial Intelligence algorithm built into the software helps you find the needed information in seconds. Just type the keyword or content you're searching for and Jusnote will analyze documents, contacts, matters, notes, tasks, events, and select the most relevant results.

Work with foreign clients freely

Jusnote allows you to work with clients from different parts of the globe very easily and conveniently. Built-in instruments such as multicurrency or multilingual invoices will give you the opportunity to scale your legal practice and use only one software.

Capture time and track expenses using the desktop version of the software or mobile apps. Record all your work using Jusnote's time tracking instruments. Add time entries directly from calendar events, tasks, as well as start the timekeeper directly on your mobile phone in the system. With Jusnote all your time will be in control.

Build-in professional calendar that integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. Jusnote gives you the ability to organize your legal calendar by case, plan court hearings, and create events or tasks in a few clicks. Each user in your company can create, share, and view unlimited calendars for firm-wide meetings, intake appointments, or case-specific dates.

Professional accounting inside the software. Use Jusnote’s trust accounting instruments to create trust and operating accounts as required by legal industry regulators. Comfortably move funds in and out, apply trust funds to invoices, and transfer trust funds to operating accounts.

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Jusnote is committed to setting the standard in software-as-a-service as an effective partner in customer security.

Jusnote is dedicated to helping our customers be more secure when accessing our service. Therefore, we continue to review and update Jusnote’s code for security and monitor for potential vulnerabilities to ensure your data is always protected. Every year, Jusnote works with a leading cybersecurity firm to test our software with the most advanced techniques available to ensure that Jusnote’s software is secure. Also, our team includes professionals in the field of cybersecurity with over 15 years of experience. Jusnote is committed to setting the standard in software-as-a-service as an effective partner in customer security.

Used by lawyers from bar associations & law societies

Choose a plan

We offer a lot of tariff plans for any teams. Choose a plan that’s right for you.

Annual billing
Month billing
Jusnote Classic


USD per user per month*

Task management

Easily set tasks for employees and keep track of their performance both on the system and in third-party services that are connected to the system. With Jusnote, each of your task will be completed on time.

Professional billing and timekeeping

According to statistics, out of 8 of work hours, lawyers bill only 2. As a result, 6 hours become unpaid. With Jusnote, you can track what your every minute has been spent on.

Financial Management

Convenient billing for legal assistance, payment registration, transfer of client’s subscriptions to various projects.

Collaboration on projects

Teams are always more productive than individuals. We know this and therefore allow you to form your employees in teams and work together on projects. Your work will go to a completely new level.

Integrations (Google Calendar, Viber)

Jusnote contains a separate "store" with services and applications that can be integrated into your account. You will now have a large number of additional features right in the system.

Basic reports on clients, projects, practices

The subscription includes basic reports on cases, clients, and practices that will allow you to get an objective assessment of your company’s development.

Automated correspondence

Accounting for incoming and outgoing correspondence, automatic status tracking of emails, visual communication of emails with answers, tasks or persons.

5 GB of disk space

The subscription “Classic” includes 5 GB of disk space per account.

Technical support

Technical support 24/7 from qualified professionals.

Jusnote Professional


USD per user per month*

Classic +
Multicurrency (USD, EUR, UAH, RUB)

Ability to keep records in the system of individual contract or project in several currencies: USD, EUR, RUB, UAH.

Advanced management of lawyers' rates

The ability to set individual rates for lawyers in projects and contracts with clients or for internal accounting.

Conflict check

The relationships of individuals, their special status, participation in various projects and other circumstances are checked by the system to identify conflict of interest.

Real-time analytics

Jusnote will constantly monitor your activities and report on your financial position, risks, receipts, expenses, and provide other useful information.

User activity

History of all user’s actions in the system (on projects, tasks, clients, etc.) with a ability to review them in detail.

Individual account and act templates

Ability to create an individual report on the required indicators of your own legal practice.

Groups of teams

Formation and management of the employees groups in a specific project or practice.

Advanced Integration (OrenDataBot, MS Calendar, Telegram)

Microsoft Calendar, Telegram and other useful services.

Priority technical support

Priority technical support 24/7 from qualified professionals.

15 GB of disk space / 1 account

The subscription “Professional” includes 15 GB of disk space per 1 account.

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