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Improve productivity across your law firm with Jusnote

Create and record productivity on tasks, manage events, track time spent on each task, drag & drop completed tasks using our kanban view, and improve the whole productivity of your firm with Jusnote.


Achieve firm’s goals bit by bit with tasks and events management

Make your firm organized with Jusnote’s professional legal calendaring software, tasks management, and events planning. All in one place.

Kanban board

Prioritize tasks and balance demands according to available capacity with Jusnote’s powerful kanban software.

Leave comments on tasks

Leave comments on tasks and events cards, tag your team members and communicate in an easy and intuitive way.

Track status of every task

Instead of going to different related lists to get an overview, it’s all in one place, and directly in the record that you’re focused on.

Professional calendar

Jusnote’s legal calendaring software lets you view your tasks and events in the professional calendar and sync it with third-party apps.


Run multiple calendars, sort by lawyers or activity type, track events

Create, share, and view unlimited calendars for firm-wide meetings, intake appointments, or case-specific dates, create events, soft events and achieve more with our professional legal calendaring software.

Connect events to cases

Organize your legal calendar by case or lawyer and view your most important updates at a glance.

Schedule firm’s work

Plan you firm’s work and track progress on each task and event on a single page.

Set custom reminders

Build connections between cases and contacts to predict possible conflicts of interests

Work collaboratively in calendar

In Jusnote you’re not working in vacuum, i.e. you can chat with your team and leave comments on cases


Sort only by work days

Sort the calendar and show only events that take place during the working week

Simple interface

Jusnote partnered with the best designers to make sure that working with tasks is easy and pleasantly

Sort by lawyers

Sort tasks and events by lawyers, activate and deactivate team members in a few clicks

Different views of calendar

Change the view of the calendar page and choose between day, week, and month layouts

A card for each task or event

Each task and event has its own card that collects related information and gives necessary tools

Advanced filter

Filter tasks and events by case, type, contact, data, responsible person, status, etc.

Messaging module

Write comments to cards, tag colleagues, share files - all in one place

Track time on each task

Record time spent on each task to include it in your client invoice. Stop losing money and work overtime