Jusnote Newsroom


January 29, 2024

Jusnote Introduces Workflow Automation for Legal Practice Management

Jusnote has introduced a new feature, workflow automation, which allows you to automate your workflows and simplify your legal practice. This feature enables you to set up rules and triggers that instruct Jusnote to perform specific actions automatically based on certain events.

Jusnote has recently introduced a new feature designed to automate workflows and streamline legal practices. Known as Jusnote Workflow Automation, it enables users to establish custom rules and triggers for actions that execute automatically when certain conditions are met.

Jusnote Workflow Automation can assist users in:

• Saving time and minimizing errors through the automation of repetitive tasks, such as dispatching emails and generating invoices;
• Enhancing team collaboration and efficiency by setting up sequences of tasks;
• Boosting client satisfaction and loyalty by fostering timely and tailored communications with clients.

Jusnote Workflow Automation is engineered to be an adaptable and intuitive tool, empowering users to tailor their workflows to align with their unique requirements and preferences. It offers a selection of triggers, conditions, and actions that can be customized with specific parameters and variables with the opportunity to test and refine their workflows before going live.

This feature is accessible to all Jusnote users subscribed to the Premium plan. It can be found within the Settings section of the Jusnote menu.

For additional details about Workflow Automation, please read this article in the Jusnote Help Center or reach out to Jusnote support at support@jusnote.com.