Jusnote Newsroom


May 21, 2024

Jusnote Introduces the Advanced Invoicing Module in its Mobile App

Update your Jusnote app today to take advantage of these innovative features and improvements.

Jusnote is excited to announce a significant update to our mobile app, introducing a powerful invoicing module along with comprehensive user interface enhancements. This update is designed to revolutionize the way lawyers manage their billing matters on the go.

In this latest release, we empower legal professionals with a robust invoicing module, allowing them to effortlessly create, manage, and send professionally crafted invoices to clients using their mobile devices. With the ability to add taxes, apply discounts, and include all necessary financial details, clients will have everything they need to make timely payments. Additionally, legal professionals will be able to instantly send invoices via messenger, email, or a generated link, enabling seamless billing management anytime, anywhere.

This update also features significant improvements to the user interface, crafted in collaboration with Smotrów Design, a leading European design and technology firm, to deliver a more intuitive, seamless, and elegant user experience to our customers.

From now, available in AppStore and Google Play.