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July 1, 2021

How to integrate new software into daily legal practice – 5 steps

Legal practice management software helps law firms turn time into real money. These 5 steps will help your law firm to integrate new software into daily work.

1. Make an audit of what you have now

Analyze your firm's performance right now and define points that you are striving to improve. Measuring profitability, productivity, and performance helps you gain control of the fate of your firm. Key for firms is their ability to leverage their technology to support their metrics and improve the performance that will ultimately drive their profitability. When choosing software, use gathered information to make the right decision on what system to use.

2. Communicate your changes

A lot of people don’t like surprises. Communicate as soon as possible that you’re integrating a new software for your law firm and outline the benefits and impact for all. If you spring your new software on your employees all at once, you will naturally get resistance. Try to avoid this and build internal processes in advance.

3. Work on getting the team involved from the start

You might have to slightly nudge your employees towards using the tool because if they can’t find a reason to use the software, they might as well keep on working with what they are used to. One way to convey value is to make important information and content your employees need to do their jobs only available via the new tool. This is a bold step that runs the risk of frustrating your employees; you need to let them know that it is in the organization’s best interest to switch to the new tool.

4. Use your colleagues' experience

Ask your colleagues to give updates on using the system get familiar with using the new tool. Of course, employees could still provide the information without using the new system, but it would be more cumbersome and time-consuming.

5. Keep an eye on things

You should pay attention to how your team is using the new software for a few months. Watch how they use it, and make sure they’re leveraging all the great features that you paid for. If they have questions while using it, be available with an answer.